lundi 28 septembre 2009

EA's time to Patch ! No ?

____________________PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Damage Comparison____________________

Personally, I think NFS Shift has a real potential, it is beautiful, there are many ideas but it is marred by a list of bugs and inconsistencies in therm of gameplay that are abnormal !
It really gives the impression that the game has not been tested before being sold.
Improper handling, inconsistent vehicles settings, custmisation evil thought (vinyls size too small), and too many problems with ATI graphics cards !
The community sincerely hopes that a patch will come very soon to correct these problems that make this "Need for Speed" a unplayable game :(

[ And even if the Shift modding appeared, this is not the community (who bought the game) to fix bugs. ]

samedi 26 septembre 2009

Need for Speed SHIFT !!!!! FIX !!!!!!

Everyone knows how Shift is a real ice race !
Torque Spike find a solution to the problem on the EA forums.

--> 1 <--
adjust the calibration of your controller as follows :

Steering Dead Zone : 15%
Accel Dead Zone : 10%
Brake Dead Zone : 10%
Steering sensitivity : 5%
Acell Sensitivity : 5%
Brake sensitivity : 5%
Speed steering Sensitivity 100%

--> 2 <--

At the main menu enter CAR GARAGE----> TUNING, press 'Y' to enter quick tuning mode.
Under the heading 'balance' move the slider all the way to OVERSTEER. That's right oversteer. Apparently the developer labeled this slider wrong or its a glitch. Turning the slider to oversteer will actually add understeer.

Now go drive. as you can see the cars are now more comparible to the feeling of Forza2 and RacePro. It may not be as good but it is now close !

Thanks TORQUE ;)