mercredi 28 octobre 2009

L4D 2 DEMO - The factory dough

Perso, if i can't install the demo without Steam, I will not buy the game ;)

vendredi 23 octobre 2009

My firsts tuned cars in FORZA 3

Ken Block Subaru Drift


lundi 19 octobre 2009

Shattered Horizon & Bad Company 2

Just Awesome ! (impatient to play it)

Awesome L4D Survival Map by "Zapwizard"

Based on the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, TX. This map is a 1:1 scale recreation of Lake Creek movie theater. Built using SketchUp and Hammer, this map includes many custom textures and models. Many of the custom textures were taken from on-site photographs.

Watch more videos of Left 4 Dead

Congratulations to Zapwizard for this Awesome work !



Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision

Here's some info that I found yesterday on the web.
Indeed, I myself ordered the "Prestige Pack" in several stores to be sure of having it, but after seeing this video :

I decided to look for infos on these night vision goggles ;)

I put in google the name of the company that makes NVG for call of duty (jakkspacific) and I found their site : (The site is a manufacturer of toys.)

And I found this article : (

you can even buy them, here for example :

So, for Infinity Ward, The Game (60$) + the Night Vision toy (49$) = 150$ !!!???
So I canceled the Prestige Pack Order, a toy at that price ! No thank you !

samedi 10 octobre 2009

DON'T BUY Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising xBox360

The game is full of bugs of all kinds but some crashes the game .
Many players (and myself) have complained of being stranded at the end of the mission 6 because the helicopter extraction does not take off.
So it's impossible to advance in the game !
It's a shame to sell a game not tested, I would never again buy Codemaster product ;)

mardi 6 octobre 2009

Need for Speed SHIFT – Real Mod v.2.0

Dario Morelli has released a new version of his highly populer Real Mod that gives the physics & AI in Slightly Mad Sudio’s Need for Speed Shift a complete overhaul.


◦ NEW TIRES MODEL: entirely rewritten models for all the cars with three separate “slip curves”.

◦ NEW AI MODEL: more competitive, less aggressive, and make fewer mistakes.

◦ NEW CHASSIS MODEL: all data from the chassis of all the cars now are correct.

◦ NEW COCKPIT CAM: now it’s like a real “onboard camera”.

◦ NEW TRACK SURFACES: all the surfaces are now correct.(same as 1.0)

◦ NEW DAMAGE MODE: all kind of damage is now avaible and it's now more effective(same as 1.0)
Now invulnerability is also avaible in pro mode.

Once again, the mod is available in packed .bff files and in unpacked state for those using the “loose method”. To see the effects of this mod in action, check out the Aston Martin in the video below.

-->Download Need for Speed Shift Real Mod 2.0 HERE<--

-->Discussion thread HERE<--

dimanche 4 octobre 2009